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Sony a77 II for Wildlife - field review

The much requested field review

I've been using the a77 II for about two years now and I finally felt confident enough to make the highly requested field review of the body. I go through the different aspects of the body, what I like about it and what I don't, as well as show a few sample shots and videos.    I also spend some time talking about the new algorithm of the Aperture priority mode with Auto-ISO: the a77 mk1 used to balance between ISO and shutter speed, but now instead, it tries to keep abou...

By Vlad, Thu Feb 4th, 2016

The new site is finally up and running!

It was a long, long journey, but I finally made it

After a few months of on and off development, the site is finally up and running. The design is fully mobile-friendly and features a PhotoSwipe gallery - something I wanted to have for a while, but had some issues getting to work in the past. All photos on this site are my own and have been taken since 2007 at various locations around the world. Hope you like 'em. ...

By Vlad, Thu Aug 20th, 2015

Sony a77 II for Wildlife - vol.2

Another take a year and a lot of shutter actuations later

It's been a year since we shot the original review, so we uploaded a revised one after heavily using and abusing the body in different weather, scenery and light conditions. I find that there're some features that, although cool-sounding, are not really something I use quite so much in my day-to-day use. Not saying someone else wouldn't, though. I also comment on the new firmware ver. 2.0 that came out in December, on what it improves, what doe...

By Vlad, Sun Mar 29th, 2015

Sony a77 II for Wildlife

A delayed, but much anticipated wildlife oriented review

Soon after the successor to Sony's wildlife and sports oriented camera body release, the Internet got flooded by the usual type of portrait and landscape photography oriented reviews, but no more! Sony Bulgaria were so kind to lend me a pre-release copy for almost 6 months, so I can give it a proper use and see what it's worth. I've shot the hell out of it and quite frankly IMO it's one of the best wildlife cameras that are currently out on the market. I'll just highligh...

By Vlad, Fri Feb 27th, 2015

The Wildlife Channel is here!

Our new YouTube channel is out and it'll offer you tons of wildlife photography insight

After a lot of thought and a lot of planning The Wildlife Channel has been created. Asya Ivanova (AsyaIvanova.com) and I are going to publish a lot of wildlife photography tips and tricks to help you get better at it faster, so better stay tuned! It'll debunk some of the myths about the equipment one should use, share some secrets... er... well let's better call 'em shards of wisdom, that we've accumulated throughout the years and will help you learn how to think like a...

By Vlad, Thu Apr 3rd, 2014